Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bring it 2015

Happy 2015

Another year, or as many would say a blank book with 365 pages is upon us.  I looked back to 2014 and realized what an amazing year it was!  The Hubbers is well, the girlies are great and growing like weeds, Mom and Dad are doing great.  I had a great race year considering that I'm still considered to be a tri baby with only roughly 14 months of racing and training.  My goal in 2014 was to finish an Olympic length triathlon... I finished a half.   My career is in such a great place, I could not ask for more.  I felt really sad to say goodbye to 2014, it really was a great year.

So what is in store in 2015?  I'm pretty excited.  As for the family, lots of play and family time has been planned for this year.  It will be filled with soccer, music lessons and play.  As for Robbie and I, we are stronger then ever, maybe I can convince him to relay a race with me :0). I will learn to relax and enjoy the down time with the family.

As for my life as a triathlete (I still feel weird calling myself a triathlete).  I have some things I would like to do.  I am a Swim Bike Mom Ambassador, and I want to share my love of the sport.  As an athlete.  Well.... my goals are not set in stone.  Now last year I never would of set a time goal for myself when it came to the finish times.  All races were races where all I wanted to do was to finish.  Yes just finish.  This year, I wanted more.  Nothing crazy like Kona or podium but I wanted to be a more wholesome and efficient athlete (yes, I'm calling myself an athlete, something I would of never said before). 

I had many changes in coaching last year.  I am indebted to my first coach because she got swimming and racing.  I am indebted to my second coach, she got me to my first HIM.  The first change came when training was getting hard on the family.  Seriously, training was making my husband a triwidow.  I had to make a change and that change was a step away from Tris and reassess.  The second change came after my HIM in October.  I was beyond burnt out, but I needed to spend time with Hubbers and the family.  At this time, I needed another change.  A connection was missing, it just was.

Not to sound like a petulant child that is never satisfied, I really needed a change.  I needed someone to hold me accountable while still understanding my limits.   So if that makes me sound like a spoiled kid.... well... so be it.  I think those that have never had a coach before don't understand how much they can make a difference in your training and your mental health.  I am a weak swimmer, cyclist but I am a horrible runner.  I need so much help in my run, it's not even funny. 

So in November last year, I contacted Meredith Atwood's coach for a consult.  After speaking to Brett Daniels several times, I felt a connection.  I had a good feeling like this coach might be "the one."  I feel weird to use the term "the one," but it has been an awesome journey so far. 

My goals this year for my training include the following. 

1) Have better run mechanics, maybe I will finally become a runner.

2) Better my race times by a 5 mins.

3) Love racing.

4) Look at my results and analysis with purpose.

5) Lose wt. (as you can see that was last on the list because it's there every year.)

So many happy wishes for your 2015.  May you have health, happiness, laughs, smiles and epic race results! 

I will be looking for all SBM members at the following races (not set in stone).

Jan 1: Commitment Run (Completed and Pr'd)

Feb 15th: Lost Dutchman Half marathon, Apache Junction, Az

April 12th: Marquee Sprint, Tempe, Az

April 25th : Pat's run, Tempe, Az

May 3rd: Esprit Deshe triathlon Oly distance.  Tempe Az

May 10th: Tinkerbell Half Marathon, Disneyland, California

June 13th: Ironman Boulder 70.3

September 20th: Tempe Life Tri Oly), Tempe, Az

October 1st: Espirt Deshe: 10k, Mesa, Az

October 17th: Beach to Battleship 70.3, North Carolina

Nov 11th: Hits Havasu 70.3, Havasu, Az


  1. Love! It's gonna be an awesome year!

  2. I was kinda sad to let 2014 go as well - it was an AWESOME year! BUT, 2015 is going to be even better! Can't wait to meet you in person at Beach 2 Battleship in October!