Monday, December 8, 2014

My HIM Journey and Life afterwards

I Did it.. and the post grumpy crash! 

I'm a slacker....... and I haven't written any posts and I have suffered from the post blahs after Soma.  I didn't think I was in a slump but I am (was???).  After memorable years of first's I need to get back on track!.  I drank the triathlon kool aid last year and since that time, I went from a semi couch tater tot to finishing my first HIM. 

My first's are many....

1) First 5k
2) First Mud-run (completed three since)
3) First 10k
4) First Sprint Tri (done 5 since)
5) First Half Marathon
6) First Oly tri (done 2.5 since)
7) First HIM

I thought I would be satisfied after finishing my first HIM (note, that was in October..yea yea... I'm a slacking).  Well I wasn't.  After attempting to wipe that silly grin off my face, I wanted to race again.  Hubbers told me to hold off and see how I felt after a couple of weeks before I decide what races to do next year.

Well, then it happened.  I went back to being a couch tater tot.  Life got in the way.  From a health scare for Hubbers, Girls Robotics and soccer, work and everything else, I came to the realization that I was dead tired.  Really tired. Dog tired. 

Hubbers stated that during the time he has known me (19 years), he has never seen me take it easy. Go Go Go he would say, "just like your Daddy Esther, you don't know when slow down." I have to admit, he's right!  I'm always on the go, keeping busy, always doing more, not worried to take on more duties.  Well, it finally caught up with me. 

Now don't get me wrong, Soma was awesome.  It was awesome that another Swim Bike Mom (Emily Horner) was set right next to me in transition.  I had a freak out during the swim, had a slow ride and walked more than I ran.  I did it though.. It was awesome!  I was on a high, but I came crashing down right afterwards.

The three weeks afterwards included no working out at all.  I knew I could pick it back up but I had no motivation to do so.  Blah was my mentality.  I needed a kick in the butt.

Well after a major change in my training routine, I felt like I'm back in the saddle again (cue the scene in Sleepless in Seattle!).  I was wrong.  I loved my new workouts, but mentally, I wasn't the same as before my HIM.  Case in point, I sat through 9 hours of the Nuggers Robotics tournament this past weekend.  I was grumpy and I snapped easily at the girls and the Hubbers.  Finally, Hubbers flat out told me... "Est, you're grumpy, go work out please!"

Now I recognize that I was a total complete grumpy ass the last couple of weeks.  Easily irritable, tired and just not motivated.  I am glad that Robbie, was blunt with me!  I needed it!  I wished he did earlier but Robbie is that way.  He will allow me to find my own path, but if I veer off, he will pull me back.  I'm a grateful for that.

So, here's to a full year of happy racing in 2015!  I got Boulder 70.3 and Beach to Battleship 70.3 as my long races.  I'm sure the journey will include highs and lows.  For sure there will be grumpy moments but I'm grateful that Hubbers will be there to snap me out of it!.


  1. Congratulations on your first 70.3! I did SOMA in 2013 and will be volunteering at IMAZ next year (2015). I am in Green Valley, south of Tucson. Know many of the Tucson Tri Girls. So glad they were able to help you out when you needed it! How about Mtn. man in August (Flagstaff)- have you ever competed that one? Happy holidays and happy training!

  2. Hi toughasnails1.. Lets meet up at IMAZ! Yes the TTG are awesome! I can't tell you how much they mean to me!!!