Monday, March 9, 2015

What is this thing called a "Rest Day?"

Since November, I have been attempting to workout everyday.  Have I been successful?  To be honest, yes and no.  It was pretty scary logging into Training Peaks and looking at my workouts.  I personally think that Coach Brett is a mix between Drill Sargent and Mr. Burns.  I have this vision of him, sitting in front of his computer, looking at my statistics and laughing out loud when he thinks of a diabolical work out for me! (Teehee).

Coach Brett (Disclaimer.... Brett in no way looks like, acts like or thinks like Mr. Burns)

This is me after my first Fartlek run
So what has been bad.  I have missed some workouts due to life and illness.  My asthma really kicked my butt.  It did so much that I downgraded my half marathon in February to a 10K (note, this was due to the advice of Brett... and again... he was right in telling me to do so).   I have also missed some due to work, life and just being worn out.  It is difficult to juggle a full time schedule, two tween girls, two soccer schedules and a Hubbers that works nights.  But......
The missed workouts has not been as many as before.  Gasp!  There was a time where I would blow off two to three days of training... just because I wanted too.  I can't do that now.  I'm liking my workouts now.  I have anxiety just thinking of missing a workout.  "Who is this person?"  Well someone that wants to become an Ironman finisher one day. 
The results from my workouts have been phenomenal.  Nothing that would qualify me for Kona, but still huge steps for me.   My swim, bike and run have all been getting faster.  Competed double workout days.  Geez, I even went for a ride when it was "Not" part of my workout.  Let's just say, all the workouts has translated to results.   
Yes, using my 910xt is awesome, that thing scared me at the start.  Yes, I now believe in heart rate training, yes I had doubts.  Yes my heart rate zones have changed since I started.  (Note: That new heart rate zone scared me to death).  Hip rotation really makes a difference.  PR'd my 10k.  Finally, my cadence is getting better.  Yea all things to be happy about.

When I saw a blank entry for this Monday, it kind of freaked me out.  What the heck! I did panic.  "Did I do something wrong?" "Does Coach think I need to scale back?"  Monday's are the days that I don't have to worry about my schedule.  Why didn't Brett give me a workout?  Of course I had to ask him........

Me: Ummmm I have no workout on Monday???
Brett:  No. Day off
Rest is when you get stronger
So there you go!  I get a rest day. Sweet!  The timing can't be any better.  I only got 3 hrs of sleep last night.  I need my Zzzzzzzzz's
The lesson learned.  You might not always see a gain in your workouts on a daily basis but when you compare to what you're were like 3 months ago... there you go! 
So remember!
"Just Keep Moving Forward!"


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  1. Enjoy your rest day you hot, sexy lady! Kisses! Sara